2023 Topps Inception Baseball Hobby Box

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  • The young stars of the MLB shine bright in 2023 Topps Inception Baseball. Collectors can find autographs and limited base cards of the some of the newest players in every pack.
  • Boxes contain 7 cards, including 1 autograph or autograph relic card and 2 base card parallels.
  • Look for the brand-new INCEPTION FIRST MILESTONES AUTOGRAPH RELICS featuring game-used bases from the players first career base hit!

SSP Autos - 1st Milestone

Inception Autograph Patch are the main source of autograph relics in 2023 Topps Inception Baseball. Base versions are all serial numbered along with their Green (/99 or less), Magenta (/75 or less), Red (/25), Orange (/10), Blue Button (/6) and Inception Manufacturer’s Logo (1/1).

What are we chasing?

Scarce book cards include Gameday Gear Autograph Relics (/5), Dual Autograph Relics (/3), Autographed Letters (/2), Autograph Team Logo Patch (/2), Autographed Laundry Tag (1/1), and Autographed MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Patch (1/1).

Triple Autos

The 2023 Topps Inception Baseball checklist has several other autograph themes.

Inception Silver Signings and their metallic silver signatures stick around for another year. Gold Ink (/25) and Gold Ink Inception (1/1) versions join them.

For those looking for more established stars, there are Inception Dawn of Greatness Autographs. However, they come with the “youth” twist, picturing players from early in their careers. Base versions have just 20 copies each with additional Orange (/10), Blue (/5) and Inception (1/1) spins.

Short Print Inception Autographs (/10) also have veteran standouts.

New this year are Inception Dual Autographs (/25 or less) and Triple Autographs (/10 or less).

The details.

The Inception Baseball Specs

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