Breaks Rules & Info

At Q's Cards breaks are sold as group breaks. As with all group breaks, you will only receive the cards from the teams / players you have purchased / ordered. You may pull BIG HITS but you may also pull nothing at all. There is no guarantee anything from your ordered team or player will be pulled. Any condition issues with your card must be taken up with the manufacturer. 

Before you join one of our breaks please be sure you understand these principals and conditions. By purchasing a spot in one of our breaks, you are acknowledging you have read these rules and accept them.

We always break live on our YOUTUBE channel. 

When will breaks take place you ask? We generally launch new breaks every Thursday of the week and try to fill them by the next week Wednesday. Please check out our break schedule for further information. 

There may be occurrences when unexpected events or situations arise and the break has to be pushed back or delayed. If that happens, the new time will be emailed to the email you placed your order with. We will always push to break as soon as possible but breaks can be dynamic. We do not accept refunds on break spots but can offer store credit as long as the cancellation is announced 24h before break.

At Q's Cards our goal is to fill breaks weekly and quickly. However, there may be cases where a break doesn't fill, or takes a long time to fill. We will try our best to get them filled, before our Wednesday break. Expect some breaks to take as much as a week to fill.

When we are live and about to break, all the names of the break participants will be listed beside the names of their purchased teams or players.

We will continue to offer a diverse selection of breaks for both entry level collectors and premium collectors. These will range in cost depending on the total value of the break.

All autographs, memorabilia, and high-value cards pulled will be sleeved and top loaded. If you pull a high-end card we will most likely place it in a magnetic top loader. The cost of these supplies are included in the break costs.

Check out our available breaks, break schedulewhat a break is or watch past breaks. Need more info? Contact us.